Who We Are

The Avarca is the traditional footwear from the island of Menorca, one of the three Balearic Islands of Spain. Originally the footwear of farmers, the resistant design assisted in navigating the rocky terrain of the island while providing comfort and durabiltiy. 

They are made from authentic natural leather with a lightweight rubber sole.  All models conserve the original essence of the Avarcas of Menorca: a shoe dating back over one hundred years, comfortable and resistant, which is rooted in the rural world but which has been reinvented to become an essential fashion staple. 


Avarca Pons

Avarca Pons is a family run business located in Citadel in Menorca and specializes in the making of the islands traditional wear. 

From the basis of this shoemaking tradition and the savoir-faire that has been passed down from generations, the company combines craftmanship techniques with the most innovative processes to guarantee their avarcas are of the highest quality.

PONS Avarcas stand out due to the artisanal manufacturing process in the workshop where even the smallest details are taken care of: from the selection of the raw materials, to the design, to the finishing. 



El Consell Insular de Menorca, in collaboration with the Footwear Manufacturers Association of Menorca, has created this guaranteed Avarca de Menorca brand to differentiate this original shoe, from the island, in the footwear market.

The companies that have this label ensure the quality of the product, that materials, the manufacturing process and their geographical origin.  Genuine Avarcas of Menorca will display this label as a guarantee of authenticity and artisanal tradition.